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Inspiring Entertainment & Dance Events

In addition to corporate events, Elevent organizes entertainment and dance events for everyone to enjoy. Our dance competitions, events and courses give you inspiration and memories that last. Check out the upcoming events down below and sign up!

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Elevent celebrates the joy of social dance in the heart of Helsinki! In HurmioKlubi you can enjoy catchy live music, popular social dances and warm atmosphere in Virgin Oil Restaurant.

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HurmioKlubi Calendar

17.1. Kyösti Mäkimattila & Varjokuva
24.1. Aki Mäki & 10tanssi Band
31.1. Onnenkerjäläiset
7.2. Teemu Roivainen & Energia
14.2. Mika & Myrskytuuli
21.2. Janne Tulkki & Tulinen sydän
28.2. Teemu Harjukari & Taivaanrannanmaalarit
7.3. KinoJake
14.3. Markku Aro & Diesel
21.3. Johanna Pakonen & Ihana
28.3. Tomi Markkola & Fernet
4.4. In The Mood
11.4. Heidi Pakarinen & Karavaani
18.4. Heikki Koskelo & Taivaankaari