Customer events

Experiental and well planned customer events strengthen your brand and make your customers commit to your company. A successful event also helps to bring your brand alive and makes a good base for product launching or other public relations. A thought through target for the event helps you to measure the success of your event.

We have organised corporate events from small casual dinner parties to big events for hundreds of people. We operate all over Finland and we also love to plan events overseas.  With our strong connections in the show business, we can assure you get just the performers you adore to your event!

You can choose from just ordering a program to your event or we can organise the whole event from scratch including great program, venue, audio and light technology, decoration and catering.


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Tero Laakso

Producer, Tour Manager

+358 50 329 6041

Viking Line ABP Published 14.03.2018

"Voin lämpimästi suositella Eleventiä erilaisten tanssi- ja viihdetapahtumien järjestäjäksi ja tuottajaksi”

Shopping center Pasaati Published 14.03.2018

Voin vilpittömästi suositella Eleventiä kauppakeskustapahtumien järjestäjäksi ja tuottajaksi

Shopping center Mylly Published 14.03.2018

Eleventin ehdottomia valtteja ovat loistava reaktionopeus, monipuolisuus ja iloinen palveluhenki.