Staff events and kick-off

Staff event, kick off, christmas parties - a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. An event for your staff may be as simple as a great seminar, a performance in your office or a fabulous night thought through to the smallest detail.

Often the key point at staff events is the time spent together. It gives you the time you never have during busy hours to really discuss and just spend time together. When we combine the time spent together with fun and memorable programs, we create a positive memory that lasts for a long time. 

By making your staff a part of the program you are on a good way to create a great memory. How does Dance like the Stars dance competition or Prison escape sound as part of the event? Various dance lessons and physical activities are very close to our hearts. With our strong connections in the show business, we can assure you get just the performers you adore to your event!

You can choose from just ordering a program to your event or we can organise the whole event from scratch including great program, venue, audio and light technology, decoration and catering.



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Producer, Tour Manager

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