Elevent Group

Helena Ahti-Hallberg and entertainment multi-talented Mikko Leppilammi had a common dream: to offer quality entertainment and the joy of dance to everyone. The Elevent program agency was born, producing experiential events and memorable program numbers.


The whole story originated anywhere other than on the back stage of Dancing With the Stars. The celebrities glowed how wonderful it was to learn to dance with a professional. The idea arose that a similar opportunity would be available to just about every Finn. As people of action, we were not left to dream. A company called 10dance started its operations with a fabulous Launch Ball dance at Kaivohuone in 2014. Only a month later, the world-famous ProAm dance had landed in Finland and the first amateurs were able to mingle on the dance floor with professionals.


Like a swan, we grew from an ugly duckling quickly, changing our shape. Sofia Kohtala joined as a partner and we got super team expert Tero Laakso in our team. The small-scale program offering of dance performances grew as it grew and we soon realized that the dance of our footsteps was only one part of our offering. It was time to move to another level. The next of the 10 dances is, of course, 11 and events are our core competencies. When Eleven and an event are put together it can be nothing but Elevent. Alongside that, there was also a subsidiary Partybooth so Elevent Group Oy had been born.


Dance is still our core competence, we have the best dancers in Finland. We do a lot of in-house production, the latest example is the great success of the Dancing to the Stars tour in 2019.


Our core team is small and agile, but with our subcontractors we form a big entity. Our brilliant contacts in the world of entertainment and our endless imagination open the doors to producing unique events.


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