Partybooth - not the ordinary photobooth!



Partybooth is partying in the booth and later in social media or photo paper. Partybooth is a guaranteed attraction and queue collector for every event.


This is a more fun version of the traditional photo booth. With the Partybooth, you can choose the background of the image yourself and unleash your creativity with your friends. Partybooth can also hold more people than traditional booths - the larger version can accommodate up to 8 people at the same time! If you are really pushing it you can fit 16, which is the record!


Partybooth is a great tool for marketing and branding your company, as you can place your company logo or the desired marketing text as a background for the images. It is also possible to brand the walls of the photo booth to suit the theme. For example, an image printed by a photo booth located in a mall can act as a discount coupon for a store that has rented a booth. An image shared with a company logo by a customer in social media, on the other hand, instantly reaches an average of hundreds of people in the same target group.


There is also a green screen option, which means that you can choose almost anything as the background of the image.


Party booth is suitable for all occasions where the flash of a mobile phone camera would flicker frequently anyway, and it is guaranteed to be a popular and easy program number for weddings, birthdays or children's events, for example.


Partybooth's branded booth serves as marketing support for your company, both at the launch of a new product, at a marketing event, at the opening of the terrace and at Christmas parties.


Read more about the product on Partybooth's own website.


Read more about the product on Partybooth's own website.